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(Video) How To: Refer New Models to Streamate

If you’re an existing Streamate model who has new models that you’d like to refer to the Streamate Network, find out how you can receive credit through our Model Referral Program! Watch now!

A few important details:

  •  The referral bonus will only apply for new models.
  • New models must sign up directly through Streamate. Models who create accounts through third-party studios will not be eligible for referral bonus.
  • Models found to be engaging in fraudulent activity will not be paid out for the referral.
  • This program currently applies to models (referring models and new models) who are based out of North America, Australia, and select Western European territories.
  • Please note: the model referral program offered through this division of Streamate is a manual process- it is not computer-automated. Model referrals will be individually verified by an actual person. This link is most ideal for peer-to-peer sharing. Due to the manual nature of our verification process, we ask that you not post your referral link in the same way you would any other basic affiliate link. For questions on alternate ways to refer new models to Streamate, please send me an email at the address listed below.

Thank you so much! 🙂

Vanessa Eve,

Director of Talent Recruiting

Streamate Network