Amber Alena Talks Elective Surgery in New York Post Article

“I got them done for myself and no other reason.” – Amber Alena

Streamate model, Amber Alena, got candid with the New York Post in a recent article discussing her motivation behind elective breast augmentation surgery and her message to those who have personal opinions on the matter.

Props, Amber!

Check out Amber’s feature via the New York Post HERE.


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🚨Upcoming Event🚨Exxxotica New Jersey | Glam Suite


#TeamStreamate is going bi-coastal! Join us in Edison, NJ for the always-thrilling Exxxotica Expo, happening from Fri, 10/25 – Sun, 10/27.

This year, we’re pleased to host a talent-only Glam Suite on Friday and Saturday within the show’s host hotel. Talent will receive the full treatment by our fabulous Glam Squad: hair and makeup complete with champagne and nibbles.

This event is open to all attending Exxxotica New Jersey Talent: film, cam, models, content creators.

Appointments will last approximately 1-hour for hair + makeup, or 30 mins. for standalone hair or makeup services.

To book, simply text your performer name and desired appointment time(s) on either or both days of the event to:

(213) 973-7953

We look forward to seeing everyone soon!




Streamate Placement Updates

Learn about the most recent updates to performer placement on Streamate in our latest video! View the official performer announcement regarding these updates by visiting the Streamate Model Help Site.

Be sure to check out our video about all of the components that determine your placement here.


FEBRUARY 2019 | SMConnect Updates

Have you had a chance to try Streamate’s new chat interface, SMConnect (beta)? Among the highlights of February’s model newsletter were a few of its sparkly additions… watch our video to find out what’s new!

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EVENT PICS | Vegas | Streamate Model Mixer

Did you attend the Streamate Model Mixer during AVN Week on 1/23? Check out ALL event pics, courtesy of Comeshootme Photography, at the link below:




See you in Vegas!

We can’t wait to connect with everyone in Vegas next week! If you haven’t already RSVP’ed, you haven’t missed the boat… message vanessa@streamate.com with your performer name and an email address to send your e-ticket to, and I will add you to the guest list. 🙂

A few good things to know ahead of time:

  • E-ticket – This will be required to access the event. You should have an email in your inbox from Eventbrite containing your e-ticket. If you never received one, send me a message and I can assist. Upon check-in at Alibi, you will need to present either the e-ticket on your phone or printed copy. One e-ticket grants entry for 1 person. If you have a couple’s account, just be sure to register separately. Email me at vanessa@streamate.com for assistance.
  • Location – ALIBI LOUNGE is situated on the casino level inside of the Aria Resort and Casino: 3730 Las Vegas Blvd S., Las Vegas, NV 89158
  • Parking – Self-Park and Valet Parking available. The current parking rates are as follows:
Self-Parking (Access via Main Entrance off of Las Vegas Blvd.)
1st hour FREE
1-2 hrs $9
2-4 hrs $15
4-24 hrs $18
Valet Parking (Access via Main Entrance and North Entrance)
2hrs $21
2-4hrs $24
4-24hrs $30
  • 21+ only – Alibi door staff will be checking ID’s, so have this ready when you arrive.
  • Capacity – As with any club/lounge, Alibi door staff will be controlling the traffic flow during the event. Once the lounge hits capacity, then you may have to wait a little. Don’t worry though- the club entrance is indoors so you won’t be left shivering in the cold. 😉
  • Dress code– whatever makes you feel good!
  • Coat check – There is NO coat check at this event.
  • Plus One’s – We are limiting this mixer to models with verified Streamate accounts only. If your boo isn’t a Streamate Model, we kindly ask them to hang back.
  • Alcohol – We’ll be supplying everyone with drink tickets at the door. Drannnks!
  • Raffle – Upon check-in, you’ll be handed a raffle ticket(s) for a chance to win a new iPhoneX with custom Streamate case. Drawing will be done later in the evening and you must be present to win.
  • Social Media – Sharing is caring! Please be sure to tag or mention us in all your fun party pics: @streamatemodels on Twitter and @streamate on IG.

See you soon! 😉




Fresh off the heels of a 30% bonus week just last month, Streamate is back for another round with a surprise 10% bonus incentive week!

‘So what’s the catch?’

The 10% bonus will go hand-in-hand with using any of the following streaming methods:

(a) Flash interface + SMBroadcast Cam2Cam Encoder (beta)

(b) SMConnect (beta)

(c) Neon Live Streaming app (now for iOS and Android)



When: JANUARY 13 – 19, 2019 (GMT)

By using any of the 3 streaming methods listed above for at least 10 hours or more during the week of 01/13 – 01/19 (gmt), Streamate will reward you with a 10% bonus on all eligible earnings generated during the entire week!

For example, if you earned $1000 in eligible earnings during this event, then your Streamate bonus would be $100.

Earnings that do NOT count toward your total bonus are as follows:

  • CAMMODELS (referral bonuses)

‘Why is Streamate doing this?’

Streamate teams have been working super hard on improvements to the overall live streaming experience. We’ve managed to successfully test these improvements and gather initial feedback over the past few months, but now we need your help. Those who opt to try any of the streaming methods above will not only notice an increase in their stream speed and stability and an enhanced Cam2Cam experience, but they will also be providing Streamate with valuable data that will assist our teams in making further improvements.

You can try 1, 2, or all 3 streaming modalities above! Remember, just be sure you have used them for at least 10 hours or more during the event week in order to qualify for the 10% bonus! The bonus will be added to the following week’s earnings, and will be paid out on your regular schedule.

If you have questions about any of the new streaming methods, check out more details here or reach out to Streamate Model Support for direct assistance! 😉

Your Versatile Streamate Profile

So you have your Streamate live cam established, your fanbase is growing, and you may be wondering at this point how you can maximize your Streamate footprint… and profits. Or perhaps you’re new to Streamate, but you already have an established online presence and you’re looking for versatility beyond just your live cam shows.

We’re about to share 4 ways that you can test the versatility of your Streamate profile, increase your earning potential, and deepen the ways in which you connect with your biggest Streamate fans.

Video Galleries

This feature is essentially your video management hub on Streamate. With a bit of creativity, you can utilize this feature in a number of versatile ways to monetize (including passive income when you’re offline), incentivize fans to take action or join your shows, and create deeper connections with fans.


  1. Upload, then easily send and sell videos from your profile
  2. Option to add videos to your profile for “free” or for “sale”
  3. Option to mark videos as “Private” so they will not be publicly visible, but can be privately shared with members
  4. Send videos to any members who have spent money on you within a 2-week period
  5. Send videos to up to 100 members at a time
  6. You can set your price for videos up to $49.99
  7. Payout for Video Gallery sales is 50% (95% payout if purchased by your cammodels.com referred members)

Ways to use it:

  1. Enhance your profile by posting free featured videos and teasers
  2. Introduce members to your catalog of video content so that they can continue to watch when you’re offline
  3. Use videos from Video Galleries as an incentive, reward, or up-sell during your live shows(ex. If you contribute at least $15 GOLD during this Gold Show countdown, I’ll send you my newest video!)


  • Any guests who appear in videos must already have the required ID documents and e-signatures on file on your account. To add a guest, contact Model Support at streamatehelp.com/support, and request to “add a guest performer’s documents to your account.”
  • No music is permitted in Video Galleries videos. (Pre-approved stock music playlist *coming soon*)
  • Videos that appear within Video Galleries must first be reviewed and approved by Streamate’s review teams. This can take anywhere from 24-72hrs on average, so if a video is time-sensitive, be sure to upload it for approval well in advance of your targeted release date.
  • File size limit for video uploads is currently 1GB.

Partner Site Integration

Have a personal site/member site/fan site? This feature gives members an option to join your external member site or fan site directly from your Streamate profile with a click of a button! By linking your member site as a Streamate-integrated Partner Site, Streamate members who join your site will enjoy the added bonus of discounts on your live cam shows on Streamate!


  1. Gives members access to additional content on your member site that isn’t on your Streamate profile
  2. Models who have integrated a Partner Site will have a special button for members to “Join My Site” on their profile
  3. Streamate members who join your Partner Site will also receive a discount on your future live shows (you determine the discount %)
  4. Choose your monthly membership rate that you’d like to charge Streamate members who join your Partner Site
  5. SM handles the monthly member payments for your Partner Site, and these earnings will be added to your Earnings Report as “Paysite.”
  6. Payout is 46% of total earnings billed through Partner Site

Ways to use it:

  1. Streamate will act as your intermediate payment processor for secure monthly membership payments
  2. Open your Streamate fans up to the rich content contained on your member site, such as your blog, exclusive pictures and videos, etc.
  3. Offer your Streamate fans another way to connect with you, even when you’re off-cam
  4. Tap into potential memberships through the wealth of traffic on the Streamate Network


  • Fan sites set up through Modelcentro also qualify for Partner Site Integration through Streamate!
  • To set up your existing member site for Partner Site Integration with Streamate, click here to begin.

External Site Shows

Running an External Site Show essentially allows you to embed your Streamate profile onto your “external” member site, where your members will be able to watch your live cam shows for free!


  1. Your member site subscribers/members can enjoy your External Site Shows for free directly from a designated area on your member site
  2. Streamate members will also be able to join in on your ESS – they will be billed per-minute at your chosen rate, while your member site members can watch the same show for free, simultaneously
  3. You can also perform Gold Shows using the ESS feature
  4. You will appear as being in a continuous “Private” chat session on the Streamate-end so long as you are performing an ESS: you will not go in and out of Free Chat as you usually would in a standard live chat session
  5. Once you have concluded your ESS session, simply switch the “External Show” button on your Streamate chat interface to “OFF”
  6. Setting up an ESS is a complimentary feature offered by Streamate!

Ways to use it:

  1. Raise awareness about your live cam shows by embedding your streamate profile directly onto your member site.
  2. Schedule regular (weekly/monthly, etc.) ESS just for your member site members
  3. Use this feature as a selling point for new membership joins on your member site
  4. Use this feature as a special reward that is exclusive to members of your site


  • Being in an ESS will have an impact on your placement- use this feature on an as-needed basis
  • To set your Streamate profile up for External Site Show capability, make a request to Streamate Model Support  and include a link to the exact page on your member site where you’d like your Streamate profile to appear. Support will send you a series of codes to embed directly onto your member site (or have your webmaster assist with this). Once this feature has been enabled on your profile, you will see an “External Show” button appear within your Streamate chat interface: switch it “On” or “Off” accordingly.

Gold Shows

Gold Shows have maintained their popularity as a top feature on the Streamate platform since their debut circa 2012. This group-oriented show allows you, the model, to set the parameters for every aspect from the theme of your show, down to how much you earn before you will start performing.


  1. Allows you to set a monetary goal that customers can chip in to meet/exceed before you start the actual Gold Show
  2. You determine the one-time buy-in amount that will give your viewers a steep discount over your regular pay-per-minute shows
  3. Showcase some of your best-selling themes (ex. squirting, toy riding, hardcore bj, etc.) during Gold Shows, which may help you land more privates and exclusives after the show concludes.
  4. Explore your own creativity when deciding on Gold Show themes and countdown incentives.
  5. Prompt “highest GOLD contributor” status using the “show the top GOLD contributors” option, which will reveal your top 3 GOLD contributors during each Gold Show countdown.
  6. Engage the “shy” or “first-time” users in your room using this show format.

Ways to use it:

  1. Use them as a teaser for your regular private shows… a “commercial” of sorts.
  2. Use Gold Shows to showcase your versatility. In my opinion, Gold Shows aren’t the most conducive for taking individual requests, so you can pre-determine exactly what you offer through these shows and give customers a sneak-peek into some of the themes that maybe they didn’t even think they’d be into.
  3. Sometimes you have shy customers that may be intimidated or have a difficult time with taking you into a Private or Exclusive as much as they’d want to on your own, so GS’s kind of help to alleviate those anxieties by facilitating a group show setting.
  4. If you’re a heavy planner, Gold Shows are one way to figure out how you’re going to utilize your time online in advance (ex. I’m going to spend 3 hours online this morning, and will allow a total of 40 minutes for Gold Shows… x2 10-minute countdown’s, x2 10-minute Gold Show performances).


  • Utilize videos that have been uploaded and approved in your Video Gallery to prompt user participation (ex. ‘Highest Gold contributor for this Gold Show receives my newest video!’)
  • Be sure that you are hardwired (no wireless Internet!)! You don’t want to reach your Gold Show goal, only to lose the funds because of connection issues.
  • Gold Shows make an excellent go-to option to shake up your room when there is traffic, but nobody is committing to a Private session.
  • Works with External Site Shows.
  • Users that watch your Gold Shows will NOT be able to rate you- only members who have done regular paid shows will be able to leave ratings. Always make sure to mix in regular paid shows in order to maintain and/or raise your profile rating.

If you have questions about any of the features listed above, reach out to Model Support with an inquiry, or visit our model help site at streamatehelp.com!

If you’re interested in joining the Streamate Network as a new model, reach out to Vanessa at vanessa@streamate.com and get your questions answered in order to make an informed decision.


(Video) KYC for Individuals

Are you:

  • A model who is paid directly by Streamate?
  • A model who is paid as an “Individual”
  • A model who is NOT paid to a company or LLC

If you answered YES to all of the above criteria, then watch the video above. 🙂

This is a quick follow up to the inmail message (dated August 02, 2018) that was sent to Streamate Models who are paid directly by Streamate as “individuals” (or non-companies).

As part of Streamate’s efforts to comply with KYC (or “Know Your Customer”) international financial guidelines, maintain current partnerships, and to further expand future payment options, Streamate will soon require that:

  • the Account Holder info on file matches the Payee information on file, and
  • that models further submit a Proof of Address document in the form of a piece of official mail that lists your name and mailing address as they appear under the Account Holder section of your Streamate Account.

Examples of acceptable Proof of Address documents include (but are not limited to):

  • Utility bill such as a water/sewer/garbage, electric, gas
  • School transcript
  • Hospital bill
  • Phone or Internet bill
  • Bank or Credit Card Statement

Within the same message from Streamate was a set of Payment Verification instructions that explains the 3 steps to verify your Account Holder, Address, and Payee info (including how to submit your Proof of Address document). You may also reference these instructions on the official KYC model help page.

Deadline to Verify Payment Info

Streamate hasn’t released an official deadline date as to when Payment Verification info will be due by, but an official announcement should be made in the next few weeks. Models who do not submit the required information by the deadline (TBA) will have their payments put on hold: they will be able to stream during that time, but no payments will be released until the Payment Verification steps have been followed and the information has been approved.

If you need help at any point, or you have concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Streamate Model Support at streamatehelp.com/support .