HOT OFF THE PRESS! Private Sessions Interview with Tera Patrick Featured in May Issue of XBIZ WORLD

Our recent Private Sessions interview with adult icon and Streamate cam model , Tera Patrick, was featured in the May 2018 issue of XBIZ World Magazine!

Check out “Harnessing Adult Stardom for the Cam Biz” article HERE.



How’s everyone feeling after Bonus Week last week? Yeah, we saw you wurrrkin’ it. 😉 We hope everyone had a great experience!

In case you missed the announcement via your Streamate inmail, Streamate also announced a week-long contest as part of its Best Face Forward series that began as of 5:00pm Pacific Daylight Time this past Saturday (4/28), and will continue through the end of 5/5 (GMT).

The MAY DAY Best Face Forward Contest will be a single event that last for 7 days: April 28 – May 5, 2018 (GMT)!

Contest start and end times are in GMT, so be sure to verify what those times are for your specific time zone.

Unlike Streamate’s traditional contests, this contest will only factor in your TOP 3 DAYS of earnings when determining your rank. Watch the contest leaderboard rankings shuffle as it calculates, and re-calculates each model’s 3 highest-earning days throughout the week!

There is no minimum or maximum amount of days that you’re required to work in order to place in this contest. Whatever your schedule is, Streamate will only factor in your 3 highest days of earnings in order to determine your rank.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the Top 200 models with the highest earnings at the end of this event.

1st place- $5,000

2nd place- $4,000

3rd place- $3,000

4th place- $2,500

5th place- $2000

6th place- $1,800

7th place- $1,600

8th place- $1,400

9th place- $1,200

10th place- $1,000

11th thru 20th place- $800

21st thru 50th place- $600

51st thru 100th place- $400

101st thru 200th place- $200

Earnings made through Video Sales, Cammodels, TopSpot adjustments, Partner Sites, or Gold Clubs will not qualify during this event.

All Streamate Models are eligible to participate and earn prizes during this event.


Whether you place in the Top 200 or not, we’re giving all models who stream at least 25 hours and earn a minimum of $250 during the event a special bonus gift!

  • If you stream 25 hours and earn at least $250, you’ll get a $25 bonus!
  • If you stream 25 hours and earn at least $500, you’ll get a $50 bonus!
  • If you stream 25 hours and earn at lesat $1000, you’ll get a $100 bonus!

Share the love! If you’re participating in this contest, share your contest selfies with us on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag, #smcontest.


Streamate News (Ep. 02): Streamate Adds Cosmo Payment, Announces Bonus Week Event (4/22-28, 2018)

We recap this week’s announcements from Streamate for Streamate Models. Topics discussed in this episode:

– Addition of Cosmo Payment as a new wire transfer option for international Streamate models in select countries – Streamate’s announcement of “BONUS WEEK EVENT,” happening from 4/22 – 4/28, 2018 (start and end times in GMT)

Streamate’s various departments continue to work toward additional payment solutions following the abrupt closure of one of its primary third-party money wire transfer services, First Choice Pay.

Streamate wants all models to stay motivated and know that we are here with you during this transitional period, and would like to gift all models with a special 20% bonus for all eligible earnings generated for the week of 4/22 – 4/28.

Watch now for more details.

If you have questions about any pending payments, please be sure to make a direct inquiry with Streamate Model Support (or your studio manager if applicable).

Streamate Announces *NEW* COSMO PAYMENT Option for Non-US Performers

After the debacle last week following the closure of First Choice Pay , Streamate along with many other adult companies were left scrambling to find alternative payment solutions for their performers. For Streamate, non-US performers felt the impact of this closure most heavily. Many models wrote into both Support and tweeted us on social media searching for answers.

As of 2:00pm (PDT) on Tuesday, 4/17, Streamate sent out an inmail to all models and studio managers who are paid directly by Streamate announcing a new payment addition, Cosmo Payment. *Please visit your Streamate inmail to view original message*

Cosmo Payment is a brand of Intercash– a card provider for almost 2 decades. Cosmo Payment functions much like Paxum (a current payment method option for both US and NON-US models): an e-wallet that can be loaded with your Streamate payments. Cosmo Payment will issue a reloadable card that you can use much like a debit card for purchases and to withdraw funds from ATM’s. While you await the arrival of your Cosmo Payment card (issued by Cosmo Payment), you will have access to a “virtual card” that you can use for online purchases (as funds are available).

Cosmo Payment is currently available in select countries (see list of eligible countries via above image): the US is not currently eligible for this payment option.

To sign up for Cosmo Payment, log into your Streamate account and from your dashboard, go to PAYEE>select Cosmo Payment. You can link an existing Cosmo Payment account on this page, or sign up for a new Cosmo Payment account (you will be redirected to their website).

Streamate’s minimum payout for models who opt to receive their payments via Cosmo Payment is $100/week. Cosmo Payment determines any additional fees, which you can view here.




Vanessa Eve (Streamate Network) chats with adult models, Olivia Rose, Emma Frost, and Emma Leviathan during AVN week 2018 in Las Vegas, NV.

The  conversation covers such topics as memories from exotic dancing days, balancing cam-life and motherhood, and how one model gained her highest tip ever through her artwork.

(Note: Footage recorded from previous live broadcasts.)

Follow Olivia Rose on Twitter, Instagram, and view her website here

Follow Emma Leviathan on Twitter and view her website here

Follow Emma Frost on Twitter, Instagram

Streamate News: How the Closure of First Choice Pay Affects Streamate Models (and how to move forward)

See original article from our friends at Xbiz: xbiz.com/news/234907/choice-bank-suspends-withdrawals-from-deposit-accounts

On April 10, 2018, Choice Bank (dba First Choice Pay) confirmed its “liquidity” status, and halted any future transfers to its accountholders. The sudden status change of First Choice Pay caused much panic across the industry: performers demanded answers and companies were left scrambling to provide their talent (especially non-US based performers) with alternative payment solutions. Streamate Models, among scores of others within the Adult community, were also affected.

With the cooperation of various departments, Streamate was able to confirm an alternative payment solution for models who were expecting to receive their weekly paycheck via First Choice Pay this week. Please watch this episode of Streamate News to learn more, NOW!

Additionally, here is a list of Streamate’s current payment methods for both US and non-US based performers:

Models – US – check, USPS Standard Mail ($20 min. payout, no fee) – check, FedEx Overnight Delivery ($200 min payout, $30 fee) – wire transfer, direct to bank account ($240 min. payout, $40 fee) – wire transfer, Paxum ($100 min. payout, fee determined by Paxum)

Models – NON-US – check, USPS Standard Mail ($20 min. payout, no fee) – wire transfer, Paxum ($100 min. payout, fee determined by Paxum)

-wire transfer, direct to bank account ($240 min. payout, $40 fee per transaction, Payee must be listed as a Company, *only available in select regions)

Streamate anticipates the addition of more, reliable payment options in the near-future.

If you have questions regarding your payment status, please be sure to contact Streamate Model Support. If you haven’t already selected an alternative method of payment if you were originally receiving your Streamate payments via First Choice Pay, please be sure to log into your Streamate account asap to update your preferences.

*CORRECTION:  In the video, wire transfer was stated as “Direct Deposit.” The bank wire transfer option is NOT “Direct Deposit.” Streamate transfers money direct to your bank via SWIFT code system. Since direct deposits are typically utilized for recurring payments between “employer” and “employee,” which does not apply in these circumstances, we felt it important to clarify this.

How To: Send and Sell Videos on Streamate

Question: Am I allowed to sell videos in exchange for GOLD via direct download links on Streamate?

Answer: No. This method of sending Streamate members your videos was previously the go-to, but was phased out after the release of Streamate’s updated Video Gallery features.

In this video, we show you 2 different ways that you can sell and send videos straight from your Streamate Video Gallery. Watch now 🙂

Coming Soon: Private Sessions – SWEET X MELODY

“My first cam show- I’m pretty sure I offered anal right off the bat, but with a much smaller toy.” – Melody Wylde

Model, Melody Wylde (known on cam as SweetXMelody), has had a busy first year! On December 29th, Melody shares her strategies and tips for new cam models, along with insight on how she keeps her life on and off cam in balance during an exclusive Private Sessions interview.


Get a first look at our exclusive chat with this adult up-and-comer, available soon on our blog.

View her live cam shows on the Streamate Network:


Twitter / Instagram @melodywylde



Let’s give a hand to the folks at Streamate! I know this has been asked and talked about for… a minute. Well kittens, I’m super excited to report that offline Gold tips are finally here!

On 11/14, all Streamate models received a message in their Inbox entitled ‘New Features for our Mobile Members.’  This message included details about a couple of awesome new features for members accessing Streamate from a mobile device: mobile messaging and device notifications.

Mobile Notifications: Members can now receive notifications on their mobile devices when their favorite models are online! In order to turn notifications ‘on’ for your profile, they’ll simply need to scroll to the bottom of your profile description to select this option. Your biggest fans on Streamate will be in the loop anytime that you log on. Let the fangirling commence.

Mobile Messaging for members: Streamate members accessing the site from a mobile device will have the ability to not only message you from their phone/ipad/tablet, but they will also be able to send you offline Gold within this messaging feature! Here’s how it works in pictures:

Step 1. Member selects “Private Message” on your (offline) profile from their mobile device.

Step 2 & 3. Member writes a cute note, then taps Gold coin icon.

Step 4. Member selects how much GOLD they’d like to send you. 1 GOLD = 1 unit of local currency.

… SHAZAM! Gold will automatically be reflected within your Earnings Report, and you will also receive an email notification in your Streamate inmail!

The offline tipping feature is currently limited to mobile users, with further expansion to desktop users in the future!



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