After the debacle last week following the closure of First Choice Pay , Streamate along with many other adult companies were left scrambling to find alternative payment solutions for their performers. For Streamate, non-US performers felt the impact of this closure most heavily. Many models wrote into both Support and tweeted us on social media searching for answers.

As of 2:00pm (PDT) on Tuesday, 4/17, Streamate sent out an inmail to all models and studio managers who are paid directly by Streamate announcing a new payment addition, Cosmo Payment. *Please visit your Streamate inmail to view original message*

Cosmo Payment is a brand of Intercash– a card provider for almost 2 decades. Cosmo Payment functions much like Paxum (a current payment method option for both US and NON-US models): an e-wallet that can be loaded with your Streamate payments. Cosmo Payment will issue a reloadable card that you can use much like a debit card for purchases and to withdraw funds from ATM’s. While you await the arrival of your Cosmo Payment card (issued by Cosmo Payment), you will have access to a “virtual card” that you can use for online purchases (as funds are available).

Cosmo Payment is currently available in select countries (see list of eligible countries via above image): the US is not currently eligible for this payment option.

To sign up for Cosmo Payment, log into your Streamate account and from your dashboard, go to PAYEE>select Cosmo Payment. You can link an existing Cosmo Payment account on this page, or sign up for a new Cosmo Payment account (you will be redirected to their website).

Streamate’s minimum payout for models who opt to receive their payments via Cosmo Payment is $100/week. Cosmo Payment determines any additional fees, which you can view here.