Streamate is doing it big for “one of ” if not “the” final installments of #smcontest for 2017!

And what better way to go out with a bang than to give away over $40,000 in cash prizes, including a whopping $5,000 Grand Prize to one very fierce contender!

This Holiday Contest will be a single event that lasts for 3 days: December 24, 25, and 26.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the Top 200 models with the most combined earnings for all 3 days of this event.

1st place- $5,000

2nd place– $4,000

3rd place- $3,000

4th place- $2,000

5th place- $1,000

6th thru 10th place- $750

11th thru 20th place– $500

21st thru 50th place- $250

51st thru 100th place- $100

101st thru 200th place- $50

Earnings made through Video Sales, Cammodels, TopSpot adjustments, Partner Sites, or Gold Clubs will not qualify during this event.

All Streamate Models are eligible to participate and earn prizes during this event.

Didn’t make the Top 200? Streamate will be delivering a bit more cheer to models who stream at least 10 hours and successfully bill at least $25 during the 3 days of this contest with a special $25 holiday gift.

Cash prizes and $25 gifts for this event will be added to earnings for the week ending 12/30.

Don’t forget that ‘offline’ GOLD is now available on your Streamate profile! Find out more about how this feature works here.

Feeling festive? Share your holiday selfies with us on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag, #smcontest.

Whether you are a participant or spectator, be sure to show your support for our fellow models who are vying for one of the Top 200 spots in this event.

Thank you so much to everyone for making our community the best in our industry! Happy Holidays!