I’m having connection issues. It was fine in Party Chat, then when my Gold Show started, my stream was super-laggy. It ended up disconnecting. Any help?


Gold Show Blues



I’ve looked into your account stats, and it appears that your video bit rate is still good, so that’s a good start. However, what I cannot see is your actual CPU Usage: a high CPU could overtax your computer, which would lead to connection issues. Additionally, using a wireless vs. hardwired Internet connection could further result in connection issues, particularly with Gold Shows: I’d suggest using a hardwired Internet connection when possible. Gold Shows require a stronger connection versus when you are in Free Chat areas or during a countdown, so if there are any weak or unstable areas in your setup, then this could result in your stream becoming compromised.

What I’d suggest is downloading the following Chrome extension:

Google Chrome Extension for SMConnect

You’ll notice that after doing so, the stats within SMConnect will display your CPU usage in place of RTT time. The lower your CPU usage, the better: ideally, you will want this number to be 75 or under. The higher your CPU usage is, the higher likelihood that you might run into connection issues with your stream. If your CPU usage in SMConnect displays as either yellow or red, then this would indicate that your computer processor is becoming overtaxed, at which point, you’ll want to make sure that you have Quit any other programs running in the background on your computer and close out any additional, non-essential tabs. As an added measure, try clearing any unnecessary data from your computer. This should assist in resolving this issue. You can view more info about testing your CPU usage at https://streamatehelp.com/cpu-usage-extension/ .

Finally, you will want to run an Internet speed test. You can view instructions on how to run a speed test here:

Running a Speed Test and What the Numbers Mean

Ideally, if you are streaming in a video quality of 720p or higher, your upload speed will need to be at least 2.25 Mbps or higher in your speed test results, or 3 Mbps or higher if you are attempting 1080p video quality.

I hope these help!