You conducted hours of online research. You read countless reviews and opinions about different cam platforms, studied other models for weeks, and you finally decided to give it a shot. You took the perfect selfie for your bio, thoughtfully wrote out your profile details, and you completed your new model registration. After anxiously awaiting confirmation, you receive an email saying that you’re now approved to begin streaming ‘live.’ But now what? Do you simply turn on your webcam and log in? You’re determined to start off on the right foot, but how should you go about it?

To continue our ‘Basics’ series (as seen on Instagram), we’re giving you our New Model Checklist to ensure that you’re kicking off your new live cam endeavor on Streamate in top-notch shape. So onto the good stuff…

  • Note your profile link. If you are on social media, or you are planning on creating social media accounts, blogs, or otherwise that are related to your webcam persona, use your profile link to promote your shows and direct new members to sign up in order to watch your paid shows. The plus? You’ll receive a 40% higher payout any time that your referred members (who signed up through your profile link) spend any money on you, and a 20% share when they spend money on other models. The higher payout will be noted accordingly on your Earnings Report. Cool huh? Your profile link is as follows: .
  • Download and use an Encoder to enhance your viewers’ live streaming experience while also giving yourself a boost in placement on the site. Streamate will automatically grant priority placement (the page/position where your profile appears on the site) to models who are successfully streaming using an Encoder. There are currently 3 Encoders that Streamate promotes for a higher-quality, HD experience: Streamate’s built-in Internal Encoder, SMBroadcast, and FMLE (Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder). Here’s a tip: you’ll be granted higher placement using either of the latter two Encoder options. You can learn more about and find download instructions for any of these options by going to the SUPPORT tab on your account dashboard>Streaming Guide.
  • Get your lighting situation on-point. Most people cam from their bedroom, but the lighting concept in that space can be pretty dim for ‘live cam standards’. Although it’s nice to create a sultry atmosphere, inadequate lighting during your cam shows could interrupt the experience for both your viewers and yourself: viewers may not be able to see you clearly from their end, and too low of lighting can cause the frame rate (fps) on your cam to drop, which is not a good thing since it could also cause interruptions with your stream. Follow our handy guide for “Effective Lighting for Live Cams” here.
  • Have a list at the ready of things that you are comfortable with doing in your paid shows. It’s inevitable that you will receive all sorts of requests from your customers- some outlandish, some taboo, some that are strange or that you are unfamiliar with. Before you get started on cam, have a clear idea of things that you are and aren’t willing to do during your cam shows so that you’ll know how to proceed whenever you are confronted with these types of requests in real-time. Don’t be afraid to try new things, but what’s important is that you are comfortable with what you’re doing, and you are doing what YOU want to do.
  • Set your schedule. Consistency as a new cam model is a huge determining factor for long-term success. Also, the time that you put in per month also factors into your overall placement on the site. Draw up a realistic weekly schedule and stick to it for the next 2 weeks. After your first 2 weeks, assess how that schedule worked for you and if it was realistic. If there’s room to increase, or if you feel that you need to scale back, then do so and stick to a revised schedule for the following 2 weeks. Make your schedule work for you without overwhelming yourself. Remember that as a new model on SM, you will be granted 30 days of “New Model” status- take advantage of this time and additional exposure while you have it.
  • Get your computer running at its optimum performance level for streaming. This can include running a disk cleanup, deleting unnecessary programs that take up additional memory, emptying your recycling bin, backing up your existing files, and checking that you have an up-to-date anti-virus program. Also, whichever browser you choose to use, be sure that you are running the most current version. This type of regular “maintenance” will only enhance the live cam experience for yourself and your customers.
  • Props and outfits- have them ready to go! The last thing you’d want to do is keep your guests waiting so that you could scramble to find those specific heels or that toy in the closet somewhere. Guests are being charged in paid chat, so if you are taking several minutes to search for something, there’s a good chance that they will leave, and that’s a missed opportunity for revenue.  If you already have toys, props, or outfits that you plan on using in your shows, have them easily accessible to you. If possible, set these props up in the background so that they are visible to your guests.

Have fun! 😉

If you’re an independent Streamate model, and you have questions about any of the points mentioned in this post, please email Vanessa at