If you’re in the throes of research as a new or potential cam model, you may quickly find yourself drowning in a sea of information.

Becoming a successful cam model will involve making a commitment based on what works best for yourself and your personal schedule. Through working with new models over the years, I’ve run the gamut of all of the various scenarios between independent and studio models. Allow me to highlight some of the things that you should be aware of in order to make an informed decision.


  • Directly through the cam site
  • Through a third-party affiliate cam studio

Let’s elaborate a bit more on the 2 methods of sign-up above.



  1. Most major cam sites will have a link for new models to sign up on their actual, main website. The same goes for their official social media profile(s). In most cases, models who sign up directly will be considered ‘independent’ models. This means that you are not classified as working for/within a studio, and there are no third-parties involved outside of the actual cam site when it comes to managing you or your account.
  2. As an ‘independent’ model, you are entitled to the full performer payout % (your share of your earnings after the cam site’s share has been deducted).
  3. Sometimes, major cam sites will also have in-house recruiter’s (as in the case of Streamate Recruiting for the Streamate Network) that will sign models up as independents.
(Above: Example of direct sign-up link on cam site. Image courtesy of Streamate.com)



  • Retaining full performer payout % without studio deductions
  • You are in total control over your account, schedule, hours, etc.
  • You work directly with the cam site in order to manage your account or for general support inquiries: the site’s staff has specialized knowledge on how to best assist you


  • You are responsible for providing your own equipment/internet/space in order to stream (not always easily accessible for newcomer’s)
  • Less personalized experience
  • Though sites provide new models with information, training and development are usually left to the individual model’s own devices


  1. It is common for major cam sites to have third-party affiliates who recruit new models for them. These affiliates create studios. The actual “studio” can be virtual (where the model works remotely, or apart from the studio manager), or a physical brick-and-mortar (where the model physically works from a building/office/structure as designated by the studio manager). Models may choose to sign up through a studio to utilize their services. Services may vary between studios.
  2. Generally, studios will provide services to their models in exchange for a share of their earnings. Services may include such things as assistance with signing up on a cam site, answering questions, technical troubleshooting, promotion, branding, getting set up to begin streaming, training, payment, providing equipment/Internet/space to cam, providing props or toys, etc.
  3. For studio models, their studio manager will deduct a percentage of their earnings for as long as they are active and generating earnings on their account. From what I have seen in the past, studio shares can vary depending on the services that they are providing and/or their preferences. The studio % can range anywhere between 3 – 15% or higher. Studio models are commonly paid by their studio managers directly.

(Above: Example of third-party affiliate studio website. Image courtesy of InternetModeling.com)


  • Having a direct point of contact to defer to for help/personalized experience
  • Access to resources (equipment, Internet, camming space, etc.), as provided by some studios
  • New model training and development (varies between studios)


  • Insufficient knowledge or inexperience with the cam platform they are recruiting for (in some cases)
  • Complex processes if a model decides to depart from the studio or terminate her contract
  • Unregulated and varying levels of assistance and support among studios


  • DO verify in advance that the site that you are signing up on is the actual cam site, or if it is an affiliate studio/white label.
  • DO pay close attention to the fine print. Ask for a copy of the studio’s contract. If there is no formal contract, establish the answers to important questions regarding your business and make sure that you retain documentation (ex: emails, text convo’s, copy of online ads, etc.).
  • DO keep in mind that all cam sites are different. What works well for one model may not work for another.
  • DO verify any online ads prior to signing up. If an advertisement is seeking cam models, ask them which site(s) they recruit for, and do some research from there.
  • DO consider feedback from other current models regarding cam sites, studios, etc.
  • DON’T give out personal information until you have verified that the site or studio is legitimate.
  • DON’T sign up for various cam sites UNTIL you have first done your research.
  • DON’T settle for the first enticing offer. Be sure to explore all of your options in order to figure out what works best for you.



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