Sweet X Melody


First-year camgirl, Hustler “Beaver of the Year”, adult model, down-to-earth Girl Next Door.



Some may recognize Sweet X Melody (aka, Melody Wylde) from the leaderboards of Streamate’s monthly cam model contests, or her dazzling array of video content on Manyvids, or perhaps her upcoming cover for Hustler. She may be a first-year camgirl, but don’t let her innocent, doe eyed look fool you: she’s equipped with knowledge, strategy, and a customer service-oriented attitude that has her aiming for long-term success.

As a new model, it’s common to feel like a small fish in a big pond at times, especially when you are contending in a competitive environment for higher viewership against seasoned models with established names and droves of loyal followers to boot. Melody, however, doesn’t let these things get her down. Regarding herself as “still pretty unknown,” Melody appears to be contentedly taking things in stride (…and she’s killing it).

So what is her secret? How, when so many others have worked for years to reach “high-ranking model” status, has she managed to be on this path so quickly?

“I don’t think it’s about the time I put in. I think it’s about strategy.”

…and it appears to be working in her favor. In this candid, 2-part interview, Melody discusses her life on and off-cam, current happenings, and gives us a refreshing perspective on finding your own success as a first-year webcam model.

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