You sit in it for long stretches of time. It makes you money. It has the ability to make you look amazing, but if not treated with care, can cause a flurry of heavy emotions. Today, we’re talking about your cam space!

Design psychology coach, owner of Seriously Happy Homes design firm, and author of the book, “Happy Starts at Home,” Rebecca West joins us to lend her expert opinion and insight on how our work-from-home environments are directly linked to our emotional well-being. Additionally, Rebecca discusses strategies to tackle the modern-day struggle of maintaining a healthy balance between work and home life, and practical considerations when designing a cam space that is attention-grabbing, incites feelings of happiness, and is uniquely YOU!

Update: Our chat with Rebecca is now available for your listening pleasure in audio-only format on the #SMPODCAST. Listen HERE.

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Instagram – @beseriouslyhappy

Twitter – @happyseriously

Link to her book, “Happy Starts at Home” on Amazon