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Streamate Models “Private Sessions” Interview Series: BRITNEY LACE and DIABLO KINK

Streamate’s Vanessa Eve chats with veteran adult performer, Britney Lace, and adult newcomer, Diablo Kink, during XBIZ MIAMI 2018 in South Beach, FL.

The lively girlchat conversation covers such topics as viral video aspirations, cam friends and frien-emies, and the origin of the infamous term,”BB.”

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XBIZ Miami is less than a week away! As you scramble to find the perfect award show dress, and power through Target and Sephora to pick up your travel-sized cosmetics, let the Streamate gang help to make your life a little easier next week!

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From 5/29 – 6/1, the Streamate crew will be LIVE from our poolside cabana in Miami for XBIZ Miami 2018!

We’re excited to also be demo’ing one of Streamate’s newest features, the NEON LIVE STREAMING app! Currently available for iOS users, models can now broadcast with their mobile devices from virtually any location that they have access to network connection or WiFi.

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Our recent Private Sessions interview with adult icon and Streamate cam model , Tera Patrick, was featured in the May 2018 issue of XBIZ World Magazine!

Check out “Harnessing Adult Stardom for the Cam Biz” article HERE.



WHERE – Mondrian Hotel, 1100 W. Avenue, South Beach

WHEN – Tues, 5/29 – Fri, 6/1


Ready for some fun in the sun? Our pasty selves are ready to get our tans on in Miami during Xbiz Miami 2018!

Streamate will be hosting a poolside cabana throughout the week beginning on Tuesday… come lounge and connect with the Streamate gang!

We encourage fellow models who are attending and have iOS mobile devices to be sure to download our NEON live streaming app beforehand so that you can easily broadcast ‘LIVE’ from anywhere during the event.

If you haven’t had the chance to register, complimentary Talent Registration can be done through the Xbiz event page at .

The event is being hosted at the Mondrian Hotel in South Beach. Rooms are extremely limited (if not sold out) at this point: be sure to get in touch with the hotel directly or Xbiz ASAP to check last-minute availability.

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Multiple-award winning actress, Model, AVN Hall-of-Fame Inductee, Author, Producer, Mom-preneur, Cam Model w/ the Asian Persuasion. 



I’ll be totally honest and admit that I was nervous as all hell, but so delighted to interview Tera Patrick- an adult performer of nearly 2 decades, savvy businesswoman, a name that’s recognized among even the most vanilla of households, and now cam model. (Also, ‘hello…Asian girl power!‘ )

Tera has continued to evolve her business following her retirement from shooting hardcore adult film (circa 2010), along with the ever changing landscape of adult. So when I noticed Tera’s live cam on Streamate a few years ago, it piqued my curiosity. She is not the first adult star celeb to grace the digital pages of the Streamate Network (cue Rocco Siffredi and Amy Fisher to name a couple), but to really build a foundation and thrive on cam, as Tera is aware, takes commitment, consistency, and time.

Being that nearly everyone and their mother (like, literally) in our industry, from pornstars to producers and affiliates, have been jumping aboard the live cam-train for the past handful of years, I was curious to see just how Tera was applying this trendy “new” medium to her own mega brand, and adapting to the unpredictable, unscripted world of live cam.

A daughter of immigrants, Tera explained that her parents have a super hard work ethic, which she herself inherited (… along with a gorgeous bone structure and legs for days. ‘Yeah, we’re not jealous at all’). This work ethic is super handy when it comes to the, at times, challenging world of cams: one does not merely “kill it” overnight by  logging off after an hour and calling it a day. Even for adult royalty like Tera, it takes persistence and so much more. Tera has immersed herself into research from lighting, to branding, and how others are running their shows. She explains, “We can all learn from each other…that’s what I love about this community.”

“Sissy boys, subs”… Tera seems to have a firm grip on the everyday cam lingo. “SPH…JOI…CEI”… as in Cum-Eating-Instruction. She totally schooled me with the last one. *nervous laughter* What inexperienced cam enthusiasts will eventually come to realize is that camming isn’t just a facet of porn. It’s an artform that individuals pour themselves into and stay up late toiling over. It’s a lifestyle, sometimes isolating, that individuals connect over and share about on forums on a daily basis. But with that lifestyle come some realities that you don’t read about in the articles that rage about camming- realities that a lot of models experience every day like feeling emotionally drained if a viewer is being a total jerk and telling her she is ugly. Or maybe sh*t is going down in Twitterland and people are being completely negative. Tera advocates for performers to remember to “have a life outside of this life,” and stepping away to take care of themselves- a practice that she also lives by.

During our chat, Tera talks candidly about her background, her experiences as a blossoming cam model, her business model at present, and much more. In true Tera fashion, grab a glass of wine, light some candles, maybe even slip into your fave lingerie and tune into Parts One and Two of our exclusive “Private Sessions” interview with Ms. Tera now!

UPDATE (5/1): This interview has been featured in the May 2018 issue of XBIZ World Magazine! View the write-up, including featured excerpts by Tera Patrick, at the following link:

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We recap this week’s announcements from Streamate for Streamate Models. Topics discussed in this episode:

– Addition of Cosmo Payment as a new wire transfer option for international Streamate models in select countries – Streamate’s announcement of “BONUS WEEK EVENT,” happening from 4/22 – 4/28, 2018 (start and end times in GMT)

Streamate’s various departments continue to work toward additional payment solutions following the abrupt closure of one of its primary third-party money wire transfer services, First Choice Pay.

Streamate wants all models to stay motivated and know that we are here with you during this transitional period, and would like to gift all models with a special 20% bonus for all eligible earnings generated for the week of 4/22 – 4/28.

Watch now for more details.

If you have questions about any pending payments, please be sure to make a direct inquiry with Streamate Model Support (or your studio manager if applicable).

See original article from our friends at Xbiz:

On April 10, 2018, Choice Bank (dba First Choice Pay) confirmed its “liquidity” status, and halted any future transfers to its accountholders. The sudden status change of First Choice Pay caused much panic across the industry: performers demanded answers and companies were left scrambling to provide their talent (especially non-US based performers) with alternative payment solutions. Streamate Models, among scores of others within the Adult community, were also affected.

With the cooperation of various departments, Streamate was able to confirm an alternative payment solution for models who were expecting to receive their weekly paycheck via First Choice Pay this week. Please watch this episode of Streamate News to learn more, NOW!

Additionally, here is a list of Streamate’s current payment methods for both US and non-US based performers:

Models – US – check, USPS Standard Mail ($20 min. payout, no fee) – check, FedEx Overnight Delivery ($200 min payout, $30 fee) – wire transfer, direct to bank account ($240 min. payout, $40 fee) – wire transfer, Paxum ($100 min. payout, fee determined by Paxum)

Models – NON-US – check, USPS Standard Mail ($20 min. payout, no fee) – wire transfer, Paxum ($100 min. payout, fee determined by Paxum)

-wire transfer, direct to bank account ($240 min. payout, $40 fee per transaction, Payee must be listed as a Company, *only available in select regions)

Streamate anticipates the addition of more, reliable payment options in the near-future.

If you have questions regarding your payment status, please be sure to contact Streamate Model Support. If you haven’t already selected an alternative method of payment if you were originally receiving your Streamate payments via First Choice Pay, please be sure to log into your Streamate account asap to update your preferences.

*CORRECTION:  In the video, wire transfer was stated as “Direct Deposit.” The bank wire transfer option is NOT “Direct Deposit.” Streamate transfers money direct to your bank via SWIFT code system. Since direct deposits are typically utilized for recurring payments between “employer” and “employee,” which does not apply in these circumstances, we felt it important to clarify this.