Sammy Brooks


webcam model veteran, adult film actress, cam model mentor, radio show host, Mom, wife, blowjob-extraordinaire.



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I met Sammy for the first time in 2013. I was in Vegas for Internext, the business-to-business portion of AVN week, to participate in a panel on ‘live cams’. That evening, I accompanied our Marketing Director (Liz) to a casual pre-funk get together that was being hosted by Streamate affiliate studio, KGB. It was in this penthouse gathering that I met Ms. Sammy: a bronzed, statuesque goddess donning a cowboy hat over her luscious long black hair. She asked me what I wanted to drink, then proceeded to pour me an excessively tall Solo cup of vodka, straight-up. Perhaps it was my haziness from the vodka, or perhaps it was Sammy’s natural sense of warmth and familiarity that made her feel as if she was a good friend that I had known for years.

Sammy entered the adult industry over 8 years ago in transition from owning a tanning salon business in Washington state. After trying her hand as an exotic dancer, Sammy realized that she would need to explore other avenues in order to earn a sustainable income that allowed her to support herself and her daughter (who had just left for college). After some online research, Sammy stumbled upon ‘live cams.’

Almost a decade later, Sammy has found her success as a webcam model through consistency and loyalty. When asked what advice she would give to new cam models:

“Don’t worry about what other cam models are doing. Worry about yourself- build your brand, build your business, be consistent. Just be you.“

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