5 Gold = Boob Flash

10 Gold = Ass

5 Gold = Feet

How many times have you seen (or done) this on Streamate?

Encouraging viewer interaction in Guest chat is a great way to warm up your chat room, increase your engagement, and even land you more private shows.  Traditionally, models have manually added these types of interactive menus (like the example above) by typing a list within their Room Topic indicating what they would do in exchange for a specified amount of Gold (a form of “currency” on Streamate). The downside to this is that it did not always have the best visibility among viewers, nor was it always the most user-friendly.

With interactive menus being such a common practice among performers, it inspired Streamate to add “Gold Menu” as a built-in feature on its new (beta) chat interface, SMConnect!

Good to know about this feature:

  • It’s only available on SMConnect. It will not be available via the classic (Flash) chat client.
  • Gold Menu can only be used during Guest (free) Chat. It cannot be used during Gold Show countdowns.
  • All Gold Menu items must be at least 2 Gold or higher.
  • Select 3-5 action items to include within your Gold Menu.
  • You can edit and enable or disable Gold Menu at any time- no need to stop your stream.
  • Viewers on mobile and desktop will see a “View My Gold Menu” option on your profile when enabled.
  • You will see a Gold Menu notification within your chat when Gold from your Gold Menu has been received, along with the action item selected.

Check out our video above to see how to customize your own Gold Menu, as well as POV shots from both the performer and viewer’s end. You can learn more about Gold Menu and SMConnect on our model help site:



Question: Am I allowed to sell videos in exchange for GOLD via direct download links on Streamate?

Answer: No. This method of sending Streamate members your videos was previously the go-to, but was phased out after the release of Streamate’s updated Video Gallery features.

In this video, we show you 2 different ways that you can sell and send videos straight from your Streamate Video Gallery. Watch now 🙂

It’s #FeatureFriday once again, where we share cool features about the Streamate Live Cam Network! Today, we are highlighting “GOLD”!

GOLD is a type of currency on Streamate. Gold is not to be mistaken for tokens… Streamate is a non-token based site. There is no pre-purchasing of Gold involved on the member’s end.

Gold is used as a mode for members to “tip” models on Streamate apart from paying the per-minute rate for an actual paid chat session. Members have the ability to tip models Gold during Free Chat, Paid Chat, or Gold Shows. Models can request Gold, or members can give Gold at their liberty.

How Gold Works

(1) Gold = (1) unit of currency

(Ex: 1 Gold = $1.00)


Currency Conversion

If a member from Great Britain tips a model who is in the US 1 unit of Gold, Streamate will automatically use the member’s local currency (in this case, GBP) and convert it into USD on the model’s end at the current exchange rate. The amount of Gold given will reflect the converted amount in USD (at the model’s current payout %) on the model’s Earnings Report .

If a model is running a Gold Show, the buy-in amount listed on the member’s end will automatically appear as the converted rate in their local form of currency.

How Members Use Gold

There are a few ways that members may utilize Gold on Streamate:

  • To tip a model in either free or paid chat
  • As a mode to send model money in exchange for special perks or extras (within SM guidelines)
  • To buy into a model’s Gold Show

How You Can Use Gold

Gold is an opportunity for you to get creative, for example:

  • You can incentivize members by trading “perks” for Gold, such as digital content (videos or pic sets in direct download format)
  • You can request Gold in your Room Topic in exchange for fun previews or member interaction (within Streamate guidelines)
  • You can request Gold in exchange for member interaction via a “tip-activated” vibe
  • You can run “contests” for your highest tippers, etc.
  • You can host interactive activities that encourage member participation


  • If you promise a member content in exchange for Gold, be sure to tell the member to send you a message via Streamate mail after they send you Gold in order for you to deliver the content. Models are unable to send messages to members without the member initiating the message first. Always deliver the content to your members as promised and in a timely manner.


  • Be creative as you like when using Gold, but always be sure to adhere to the Performer Code of Conduct. Violating the Code of Conduct will put your account at risk for suspension.