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new cammodelista, sensual domination goddess, compassionate human, type-A personality.



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Ariadne made the leap into camming from her vanilla job in the customer service world just 8 months ago (as of this interview).

Ariadne doesn’t consider camming a novelty, but a foreseeable long-term career that she is devoted to. While some newcomers may view entering the competitive arena of live cams as ‘small fish in big pond,’ Ariadne believes that being her genuine self will allow her to stand apart from the crowd. She stands in her virtues of holding true to who she is and always trusting her gut: this has steered her into what she now considers her main “niches” – female domination and sensual domination. I was particularly keen on hearing her views about “whorearchy,” and her outlook as a sex worker in today’s society.

“It’s really important for us to see a little bit of ourselves in each other and lift each other up.”

Overall, Ariadne’s zeal and passion for camming has left a lasting impression- filling me with a sense of hopefulness and excitement for the next generation of new cammodels, and anxious to see how the development of technology coupled with creativity and innovation will drive the live cam shows in the near future.

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