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The great spectrum of human sexuality is vast and complex. Many times, we associate what drives sexual desire and stimulation with the physical aspects (as seen in the majority of Adult media). But how do you tap into others’ deepest fantasies while mostly omitting this element? As I delved deeper into my very candid conversation with Princess Mika, I found that her methods on how she seduces strangers over the Internet are anything but conventional, even for mainstream Adult standards.

Calling someone a “slave,” “idiot” or “loser”, according to social norms, would likely be considered just plain rude. In fact, she’s been labeled a “b*tch” on a number of occasions for such behavior, but to the Princess, this is everyday jargon for which she is unapologetic. Whether being told that they would ‘never get a girl as hot as her,’ to patronizing the live-porn neophytes who ask her out on dates in Free Chat, or criticizing mens’ genital sizes, Princess Mika’s main objective is simple: to have consensual fun with her subs (submissives). Mika shows me how the world of femdom, or female domination, pushes the boundaries in a world where women are expected to always be nice and sweet.

In this revealing 2-part interview, Princess Mika gives us insight into the world of fetish, mental and female domination, and how she is giving her willing participants exactly what they want. She also shares a bit of her background, private routines, and details on how she handles the day-to-day business of a live cam dominatrix.

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